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Do Tennis Dampeners Work? (All You Need To Know)

How Do Tennis Dampeners Work? First, a tennis dampener will not affect the overall tension or power of the racquet. And second, dampeners do not prevent tennis elbow, wrist, and shoulder pain.

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Among tennis players, the effect of vibration dampeners in particular is very controversial. Actually their function should be to reduce the shock during the shot in order to relieve the tennis player’s arm. However, this assumption has been scientifically disproved. In reality they have no influence on the vibration of the racket frame.

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“We suggest that string dampers remain a popular accessory among tennis players because of their acoustic effects and psychological support rather than any mechanical advantage.” Despite this research, the myth of vibration dampeners reducing vibration and shock a player feels in their arm when hitting a tennis ball persists mainly due to how manufacturers market them.

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These vibration dampeners will absorb the excessive shocks and vibrations. This gives players a smooth experience when they play their important tennis matches. In addition, these dampeners also help to alleviate arm and shoulder pain problems. So players will never have to face body pain when done playing.

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Aside from the impact on the sound of the ball at contact, the only area a dampener can affect is the feel of the racquet. The loss of feeling is perhaps one of the downsides of having a vibration dampener on a tennis racquet as you don't feel the ball as well on your strings.

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The effect of a dampener, also called a vibration dampener, is to alter the sound the racket makes when it strikes the ball. That might sound like a nonessential factor. But players get used to a...

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Conclusion. Many pro tennis players use vibration dampeners, feeling the rubber accessories benefit their game. Research has disproved the initial hope that they would reduce injuries within the sport. The main point to remember is vibration dampeners reduce vibrations in the strings, but not the frame.

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Tennis Racquet Dampener’s Purpose. The sole purpose of the dampener is to reduce the vibrations off the racquet stringbed. Players that like vibration dampeners mainly use it because it decreases the “ping” sound the ball makes at impact. For many players this is more of a mental purpose than a physical purpose.