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Ask HOOPSBEAST: How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk?

You’ll need to jump roughly 24 inches to touch the rim and 30 inches to dunk a full sized basketball (assuming average arm length). While the height difference between a 5 foot 9 person and a 6 foot person is only 3 inches, it’s actually a lot easier around this height for two reasons.

How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk? [With Charts]

Anyway, considering that basketball hoops are generally mounted 10 feet high from the ground, your vertical jump needs to cover the difference between your standing reach and 10 feet, plus around 6 inches to comfortably reach over the hoop to dunk. So the taller you are, the less you will have to jump.

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Being 6 foot makes it easier to dunk then 5’9 because taller people typically have longer arms making there standing reach greater… While adding those last few inches to dunk, which are the hardest to gain when training your vertical. At this height range, if you train hard, you will become a constant dunker. Average 6’1-6’4

How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk? + How Short People Dunk!

At this height you will need to jump around 23 inches to touch the rim and 29 inches to dunk a full sized basketball. Of course this is once again assuming that you have an average arm length. To be able to dunk at this height you will need to follow a combination of weight training and plyometric exercises.

How Tall Do You Have to be to Dunk in 2021? Explained Thoroughly

Based on statistics and factual data, players with height ranging from 5’7” to 6’4” can dunk with and without exercise. That said, players with improved height do have an advantage on the court, but that should not discourage you. You should know that players with small height have improved dribbling skills.

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A person with a height of 6’4″ can dunk a basketball easily. Height plays a vital role in basketball dunking. The basketball rim is 10 feet high, a person shorter than 6’4″ will need to jump higher to dunk a basketball. Can a 5’10 person dunk? Yes, a 5 feet 10 inches person can dunk. Height is a factor to consider while planning to dunk but it is not the only essential factor. Your standing reach and jump mean a lot.

What’s the Regulation Height of a Basketball Hoop - Dunk or Three

What’s the Regulation Height of a Basketball Hoop. Luke. December 20, 2019. Most hoop dreams are made of big monstrous dunks, but reaching the summit is a steep climb. Many of us out there will never know what it is like to dunk, and some of us lowered the hoop and tasted the sweet sensation of a dunk. If you think about it, the main reason most people can’t dunk is that the hoop is too high, the 10-foot mark is just low enough for most of the population to touch.

Dunk Calculator - How High Do I Need to Jump to Dunk?

Step 1: Enter your standing reach. If you don't know your standing reach you can also use your height and the Dunk Calculator will estimate your standing reach using the standing reach calculator . Step 2: Put in how high you need to reach above the rim to be able to dunk. Six inches is the default value. Step 3: