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84 Best Tennis Quotes of All Time - Quotabulary

I’m not the best player in the history of tennis. I think I’m amongst the best. That’s true. That’s enough for me. ―Rafael Nadal. Is only a tennis match. At the end, that’s life. There is much more important things. ―Rafael Nadal. Losing is not my enemy, fear of losing is my enemy. ―Rafael Nadal. I’m only superstitious on the tennis court.

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Tennis Quotes - BrainyQuote. Tennis is a mental game. Everyone is fit, everyone hits great forehands and backhands. Novak Djokovic. Boxing's a poor man's sport. We can't afford to play golf or tennis. It is what it is. It's kept so many kids off the street. It kept me off the street.

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Tennis Quotes Best Tennis Quotes: Advantage Us. Life is like a game of tennis; the player who serves well seldom loses. To err is... Famous Tennis Sayings. What a polite game tennis is. The chief word in it seems to be “sorry,” and admiration of each... Good Tennis Quotes. But that won’t give me a ...

List of 125 Catchy Tennis Team Slogans - BrandonGaille.com

It’s all about Tennis. It’s an air affair. Keep Calm & Play Tennis. Keep Calm & Smash Hard. Keep Calm & Tennis On. Kiss My Ace. Less work – more tennis. Life is Boring without Tennis. Life Sucks Without Tennis. Look up, get up, but never give up! Love Means Nothing to a Tennis Player. Love means Nothing. Mom Says Play Tennis.

107 Catchy Tennis Slogans, Phrases & Captions

In this post, you will find Tennis slogans, phrases, one-liners & chants for t-shirts, posters, banners etc. You will also find funny Tennis Slogans. Feel free to use these slogans where ever you want and also share them with your friends.

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28. Where is the first tennis match mentioned in the Bible? When Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court. 29. John McEnroe gave me his broken tennis racket, no strings attached. 30. Why was the tennis player fed up with all the condescending comments about his performance? He was tired of all the backhanded insults. 31. When does a British tennis match end?

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A big list of tennis jokes! 63 of them, in fact! ... Have you ever played quiet tennis? ... My tennis career has taught me that I can be the best basketball player ever.

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Tremendous foot speed. Probably the best mover with the best footwork of that generation. She handled pressure really well in big matches. And that forehand.