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Purpose: Work on defensive rebounding techniques, blocking out, and executing a solid outlet pass. Drill: This rebounding drill requires three players, a coach/manager, and a basketball. The defensive player (X1) begins a couple feet below the free throw line. O1 and O2 begin on each wing. The coach/manager starts at the top of the key.

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The purpose of this rebounding drill is to teach all players how to rebound in a controlled drill that lets them focus 100% on their rebounding technique. Great drill for all youth teams. Setup: Split your team up into two groups with one basketball per group. Each group forms a straight line on opposite sides of the backboard. Instructions:

14 Basketball Rebounding Drills for Dominating the Boards

Basketball Rebounding Drills #3Jump & Grab. Hold a ball up high out of the rebounder's reach. If you aren't tall enough to hold the ball out of reach, stand on a chair or toss it up. Rebounder jumps as high as she can, grabs the ball, and brings it under her chin with her elbows out.

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1 on 0 Rebound Outlet. 2. Basketball Drill: McHale Lay Ups. 3. Improve Your Post Player's Touch with These 5 Drills. 4. Mikan Drill. 5. Rebound Outlet and Lay Up. Box Out Drills. 6. Two on Two Box Out. 7. Rebounding Drill: Reverse Pivot Technique. 8. Rebounding Drill - Fight For It. 9. Reaction Rebounding. Competitive Rebounding Drills. 10. Reaction Rebounding. 11.

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Top 5 Basketball Rebound Drills For Youth, these are my Best Basketball rebound drills that I use with my Basketball teams. The goal with these rebound drill...

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This Free-for-All drill is one of the most effective team rebounding drills in basketball. Have all the players stand under the basket, make a huddle. The coach has the ball and he/she will shoot it from outside the huddle and deliberately miss the basket. The players who have to stand under the basket will try to grab the ball.

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3 Box Out Drills to Improve Your Team's Rebounding

For younger players, get them to shoot from the free-throw line instead of the top of the key. Number of Rebounders - Instead of 2-on-2, this drill can be used 3-on-3 or even 4-on-4. Points Needed - Instead of needing 10 points to win, change this number higher or lower.

1 On 0 Rebounding Outlet Drill - Breakthrough Basketball

Two lines. Each line has two balls. The first two players will throw passes off the backboard and go get the rebound. Rebounders will pivot out and make a crisp outlet pass to the wing. Wing fires a pass to the next person in line. Pattern repeats until coach calls for next progression.