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Evolution of Soccer Balls Most people don’t know it but soccer balls were not as aerodynamic, soft, and aesthetically pleasing as the very first balls used in the sport. The people who do not know the history of soccer might get surprised, or maybe even disgusted, when they find out that the very first balls were made from animals.

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It wasn’t until 1844, when Charles Goodyear patented vulcanized rubber, that soccer balls started taking shape. Literally. In 1855, Goodyear created the first rubber soccer ball. Then, seven ...

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But more importantly, the ever-changing ball ensures that soccer fans purchase a new ball on an on-going basis. The “Adidas Telstar 18” is the official ball of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. When you look at the Telstar 18, one thing stands out: As soccer balls have become wilder in their designs since the ’80s, this one is a throw-back to the iconic black and white soccer ball. It is not only a throwback in design, but also a throwback in name. The official ball of the 1970 World Cup was ...

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Charles Goodyear – vulcanized rubber soccer ball. The pig’s bladder just wasn’t doing the trick for people, so in 1855 Charles Goodyear made the first vulcanized rubber soccer ball— this was a huge step as it started to standardize the size and shape of a soccer ball.

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Evolution Of The Soccer Ball. The soccer ball has gone through quite a few changes over course of history. Let's take a look. Soccer is an old game, and the years have seen interesting changes to...

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1950 Soccer Ball. In 1951 a white ball was first permitted to help spectators see the ball easier with the advent of floodlights. White soccer balls were un-officially used as early as 1892. The leather was simply white washed to produce the white ball. Orange balls were also first introduced in the 1950’s to help see the ball in the snow.

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We have told you what the evolution of the soccer ball was. Charles Goodyear did a great job in 1836 because he truly created something awesome. He knew what he was doing and that was something that created another level in the evolution of the soccer ball. Remember also that the year 1862 was awesome in the evolution of the soccer ball.

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Evolution, Soccer ball fixed Over some years the first soccer ball was the same until the rules where revised in 1872,it was agreed that the ball "must be spherical with a circumference of 27 to 28 inches" (68.6 cm to 71.1 cm), and the wight of the ball, that rule remains in today's FIFA laws.