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Uniform Regulations - Soccer - OHSAA

1. All jerseys, including the goalkeeper's jersey, shall be numbered on the back with a different Arabic number at least 6 inches in height and on the front (jersey or shorts) with the same number, which shall be at least 4 inches in height. Numbers shall be of a solid contrasting color to the jersey (or shorts) and clearly visible.

Soccer Uniform Decoration Rules | Epic Sports

Rules recommend that warm-up jerseys or vests be a different color than the field uniform. Accessories, Casts and Braces. Rules recommend that team captains wear arm bands distinguishing them from the other players. A player may not wear anything considered dangerous to any player.

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1. All jerseys, including the goalkeeper, shall be numbered. Numbers shall not be duplicated. 2. ...

NFHS Soccer Uniform Requirements - CIF-SS

All jersey’s shall be numbered on the back with a different Arabic number at least 6 inches in height Both socks shall be the same color, with the home team wearing solid white socks and the visiting team wearing socks of a single dominant color, but not necessarily the color of the jersey Page: 24

Soccer Rules Changes - NFHS

Other Rules Affected: 9-2-2: SECTION 2 DROP BALL ART. 2…The ball should be dropped at the location where it became dead unless this is within the goal area, in which case, it shall be dropped on that part of the goal-area line which runs parallel to the goal line nearest the location where the ball was when play was stopped. If the ball was caused to go out of bounds by two opponents simultaneously, the ball is dropped five yards inside the boundary line to one player of the team in ...

The 17 Soccer Rules Explained (Laws of the Game)

Soccer Rules. Rule #1 - The Field of Play. Rule #2 - The Ball. Rule #3 - The Number of Players. Rule #4 - The Player’s Equipment. Rule #5 - The Referee. Rule #6 - The Assistant Referees. Rule #7 - The Duration of the Match. Rule #8 - The Start and Restart of Play.

NCAA Soccer Uniform Regulations | TheTeamFactory.com

The logo or trademark must be contained within a four-sided geometrical figure (that is, rectangle, square, parallelogram) that does not exceed 2¼-square inches.”. Finding the right uniform is the first step, but we know that there are also requirements when it comes to customization.


recommended that goalkeepers wear gloves, a padded jersey and padded pants. e) Uniform jerseys must have 6 -inch numbers on the back of the jersey. f) Socks must be one solid color, and every player must be wearing the same color as well.