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Warm Up Drills for Beginner Doubles Players and above ‘Beginner Doubles Players’ We class ‘beginner doubles players’ as players who are of MTI Beginner Grade status and/or are players who may be of an MTI Improver player status but are new to doubles. Drill 1; Service Box Throw and Catch Doubles.


DOUBLES DRILL TENNIS DRILLS .TV 2 3 4 5 6 Players 5 & 6 wait by the net post and quickly move P 1 95) Squirrel Crossing: Doubles points while scrambling around.

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*7. “Doubles Rotation Drill” (6 per court) 4 in, play a doubles point, started with a serve. No matter what the result of the point, the server becomes the partner, the partner becomes the returner’s partner, the returner’s partner becomes the returner, and the returner goes to the back of the serving line.

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ball drill that is a physical drill as the single player is covering the entire court while the group of two are covering only half the court. 00:11 Variation 1 - 2 Crosscourt, 1 Down the Line In the first variation of the 2 on 1 Drill, the player that is alone will maintain a pattern of 2 shots crosscourt followed by one shot down the line.

Groundstroke Tennis Drills

3: 1 At this ratio, drills can work on both singles and doubles with the coach filling in to make the fourth doubles player. 2 on 1 drills with the coach feeding can work fitness and technique training. Practise 1 on 1 drills by rotating players every 1 or 2 points. Keep the rotations quick, even after each stroke, to keep the players energized.

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MOVEMENT DRILLS: This pattern uses lines to guide correct movement. Variation #1: This diagram covers doubles basics. To add a little extra focus, instruct the baseline players to split step in front of the arrow in front of them. The volleyers, on the other hand, will only move forwards if the situation allows. Purpose: To help beginners learn ...

The First Things to Know About Playing Doubles

Operation Doubles: Tennis Doubles Strategy & Tactics First Things www.operationdoubles.com Figure 3: The Hole The Both-Up Formation is pure offense, and the Both-Back Formation is pure defense, but the Up-and-Back Formation is versatile, because it has both an offensive and defensive mode. The First Thing to Know About Playing Doubles

Strength and Conditioning for Tennis

Strength and Conditioning for Tennis continued from page 8 12 34 P h o t o s b y S c o t t R i e w a l d Alley Drills – Movement and Agility Training Purpose: To provide tennis-specific conditioning that will improve lateral movement, agility, and footwork. Technique: • Start outside the doubles alley facing the net (Photo 1).

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Doubles Games A1 A2 B3 B2 A3 B1 A4 B4 #5 - Team Doubles This game requires a minimum of 6 players. Four players assume the typical doubles positions on each side the court. One side is the serving side and one side is the returning side. Points can begin with a drop-hit or a serve. After a point is played, players take turns rotating one spot ...